Dependable Periodic Preventative Elevator Maintenance

Glass Elevator — Elevator in Saint Paul, MN
All City Elevator, Inc. offers various styles of service agreements catered to specific needs. For maintenance control programs, please see below.


Examples of Basic Elevator Requirements

  • Elevator must have car gate or car doors
  • Elevator must have all hoistway doors in place & working
  • All car & hostway electrical interlocks must be in working order
  • Elevator must have a car top
  • Elevator must have full height enclosure (cab)
  • Traction elevators must have safeties per applicable code
  • Hoistway must be fully enclosed per applicable code
  • Unit must be free of all safety hazards and in good operating condition


Expand the Lifespan of Your Elevator

Having a maintanence control program increases the lifespan of your elevator and your wallet. Large repairs can get costly but can be avoided with proper maintenance. All City Elevator, Inc. has experienced and trained technicians ready to tune up your elevator in no time. Call us today to start taking advantage of our quality, affordable services. 651-646-5600